I’m a sucker for sticky buns, with lots of nuts, and the gooier the better. It’s one item I buy at the local bakery instead of making myself. To improve what is already good, I warm it a tad and add butter. Calories, you bet! Who cares, when it is an occasional treat.

I’m not sure where my passion for sticky buns came from, it seems it has always been with me. I can walk past the donuts and cookies, but sticky buns get me. When I go to my local grocery store, I have to walk past them to get to the cheese case. I try not to look at them because I will be tempted. My mouth even waters.

I do remember making some of these delicacies from scratch when I was much younger. I wasn’t satisfied with the yeast rolls that are the base of the good taste. I think they turned out really hard because I baked them too long. I don’t care for store-bought biscuits that the quick-easy recipes call for because they are too salty and not yeasty. That’s why when I want a really good one, I go to the local bakery to get them. They have the baking process down pat and I don’t mess up the kitchen with a baking project.

The trouble with going to the bakery is then I see the cheese Danish and want one of those too. That’s another item I have trouble walking past. It’s a good thing my car doesn’t know its way to the bakery like it does to the area quilt shops. I don’t spend any money, there are enough sticky buns and cheese Danish for others, and my calorie count stays in control. You know, my sisters are coming for an overnight tonight, maybe I should get some sticky buns for tomorrows breakfast.