“Dadgum, That’s Good!”™ is much more than just a Southern phrase and the title of John McLemore’s best-selling cookbook series. John’s signature dishes and cooking style leave a lasting impression wherever he goes – especially in the South, where people love to proclaim, “DADGUM That’s Good!” The McLemores show their love for others by sharing great meals – and stories – around the table so whether it’s a delicious meal, time with your loved ones, or the perfect combination of both, today is a day to celebrate all things “DADGUM good!” [courtesy National Day of Calendar}

Lots of times the Calendar Days line up with what I want to talk about. This time it’s a bit of a stretch, so forgive me for taking poetic license. I just returned from a three-day quilting retreat that was “Dadgum good.” What’s a quilting retreat you ask? It’s a time of good food, good fun, no cooking, lots of laughter, and sewing to your heart’s content without a family member asking when you will be done.


This retreat was hosted by a local quilt shop, Ivy Thimble. About 50 ladies brought lots of projects and supplies that filled the ball room of a big hotel. Walking through the room to see what everyone was working on, you get new ideas that way, it was apparent quilters like to eat. There were all sorts of snacks, chocolates, and even wine on most of the tables. Each lady had an eight foot table as her own domain, and believe me, they were loaded with sewing stuff. I went with three friends, and though we spent the day together sewing, we found more to talk about when we went to our rooms. The hotel fed us and the food was good and plentiful. Hot coffee was available for the taking at any hour as was fruit flavored cold water. I finished three projects that were on my to-do list and had a wonderful time. I didn’t know how relaxing it was until I got home. The best part was cementing friendships and making new ones. I will look forward to going again.

Is there something you do that is a “Dadgum good” time? Now you know, when I am not writing, or with family, I am sewing.