Cheese Doodles, Cheese Puffs, Cheesies, whatever you call them, are one of my biggest temptations. I can walk through the snack isle at the grocery store and ignore most of the bags, but the cheese doodle bag has a power the others don’t. They are on my personal list of “don’t buy or you will eat them” along with M&M’s and potato chips.

In my locale of the earth we have puffy or crunchy cheese doodles. It’s the puffy ones that get me. If we have a party, picnic, or family gathering that includes snacks, that’s when I purposely buy them because that’s the time I can justify the purchase. Do I share, yes, but you better be faster than I am at getting your hand in the bag. Last summer my step-son showed up at the family reunion with a bag of them. He handed them to me and said he thought his dog and I could share them. They are Ares favorite too and he is a 70 pound white Boxer. I have to admit, it was the first bag of munchies to be emptied.

According to the National Day of Calendar credit for inventing them is disputed among three different people in different locations. I found that to be interesting. It also says 15 million pounds of them are produced annually, in multiple flavors. I can’t say as I know about any other flavors than plain cheese. I’ll have to ask my friends about that. Maybe you know.

Why do I like them? Well, they are cheesy, salty (but not too), soft and if you suck on them instead of chew them they almost melt in your mouth. I guess it’s a texture thing. They have all the right attributes that please my taste buds and senses. Did I say I like their color too. You get the picture. Having orange residue on my fingers when I eat them is somewhat of a badge of honor, unless of course someone else had fingers that are more orange. That means I didn’t eat the most, and that’s just not acceptable when it comes to cheesies.