I haven’t mentioned lately that the name of the day confused me, but this one did. The National Day of calendar says this day is dedicated to the over 145 million small businesses in the United States. It is the time for these small businesses to “be heard” and break through the big-business dominated times. There are many ways for this to be done, be it through creative marketing, smart publicity tactics, strong visual appearance or any of the other inventive ways of making their presence known.

I get the premise and agree advertising is needed, but I might have named the day Be Recognized Day. I am a literal thinker so when I read “Be Heard” I had no idea it was about small business and did expect it to be about voicing one’s opinion, which I have many of as you know.

I worked for a quilting store for thirteen years and had the privilege of starting its Facebook page. We were excited to become active on social media, except our page wasn’t seen unless our customers found and liked it first which not many of them did. It was a lesson that not everyone, especially our age demographic, was enamored with Facebook. My boss still insisted on placing the business name in four separate places in the yellow pages. We never did convince her it was a waste of money because people had started using the internet to find our location and hours instead of the phone book, especially after the smart phone became available.

That store is now closed because of the owners age and failing health. I find it sad that the name will no longer “be heard” on the radio, seen in sales flyers, appear on my Facebook page or seen as I drive by the location. I’m sure it will still be talked about as the best quilt shop our local area ever had so at least I will keep hearing it mentioned. I know I will retain my many memories of my days in the store and the friends I made there.