Yes, by all means, you! I can hear you thinking, I’m not famous, why would I write my story? I used to think that too until I started blogging. We all have a story to tell and what may seem boring every day happenings to you are not to someone else who lives in another hemisphere. Yesterday I wrote about earmuffs because it was their special day. A friend in South Africa had never heard of them. By sharing our personal information, via blogs or books, we are learning from each other. It makes the puddle we call our life more interesting and larger.

I have a close friend whose parents had two children , then ten years later had three more. He explains the younger set knew nothing of his younger years so he put together a memory book with the family photos and wrote a bit about each picture. He is a great story-teller. He had the book bound and gave it as Christmas gifts to all his siblings. They now have the family history from the time his folks got married and even some about their grandparents and extended family. It is a treasure to them and also a bit of history for the town they grew up in.

I just finished reading  the book, The Distance Between Us, a memoir by Reyna Grande. It is her story about being brought to the U. S. as an illegal immigrant by her father, the poverty she escaped, the hardships she endured and her path to becoming a U.S. citizen and renowned author. It was difficult for me at times to realize I was reading a true story because her way of life was so foreign to me. The story is educational and poignant.

Irene Waters at her blog Reflections and Nightmares gives a monthly memoir writing prompt. so writers can share social insights between generations and geographical locations. This month we are talking about trees. I find it fascinating to read how a single or group of trees impacted someone’s life. In my case I e-mailed my sisters and we came up with all sorts of stories. It was a fun walk down memory lane. I will share the information on Irene’s blog and my own. 

I challenge you to write down your favorite memory of an important happening in your family. You don’t have to share it with anyone if you don’t want, but I bet you will find it stirs other memories and you will want to at least talk to other family members about it. Writing your own story can be fun, fulfilling, and a gift to others close to you.