Spring starts on the Vernal Equinox and National Proposal Day is observed on both the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes. It is an opportunity to let the loved one in your life know you are open to a marriage proposal. Where subtle hints have not worked, a more direct approach may be required.

I know sometimes I don’t understand things the way they are meant to be, but the previous paragraph seems to give permission to either member of a couple to pop the question, “Want to get married?” I think that’s pretty cool and I had no idea there is a special day that makes it all right to do that. What will they think of next.

Since I am already married, I’m more interested in the fact it’s the first day of spring. I know I’m ready for it, I just wish Mother Nature and the thermometer would get on board. I have seen robins in our crabapple tree looking for what should be green grass. They eat bugs and worms and it’s pretty hard to find them through a layer of white stuff with a crust on top. Today I threw out some bread crusts and the crows walked across the white crust with no problem. The squirrels aren’t falling through either.

Outside the window my computer sits near there is an old pile of logs we were going to cut into firewood. It has become the home of a few chipmunks. I can watch them play amongst the logs, going down into one opening and pooping up in another. Last week most of the logs were open to the sun, but we had another nor’easter and now only a few ends jut from under the snow. The chipmunks have gone back into their dens. I’m missing their antics.

The crocuses don’t seem to let a little, or lot, of snow bother them. As soon as the snow disappears around the back edge of our house, the brave little crocuses stick their pretty heads up, almost in defiance. They give me hope. The temp has been 20 degrees below normal for all of March so far and I’m a little tired of it. At least we have day-light savings time in effect so the clock knows it’s spring.

I am confident the weather pattern will change soon and spring will come forth with boldness then we will have to clean out the flowerbeds, mow the lawn and plant the garden. It will happen, I just wish it did it when we wanted it to instead of when it gets good and ready. Happy Spring everyone in the Northern Hemisphere.