These National Days keep me on my toes. I’ve never heard of a day designated to allow someone to Goof Off, though I think it’s a grand idea. The whole reason for the day is to not work and do something different just for fun. I can’t imagine any boss thinking it was acceptable if you called in and said it’s National Goof Off Day so I’m not coming to work. I also can’t think of any teacher that would accept that excuse for a student not having their homework done. But it sure is fun to think about what you would like to do.

If you are a person like me that responsibility comes first then maybe you could allow yourself a few hours to do something relaxing with a friend or relative or give yourself permission to sit and read for a time just because you want to or maybe go to the movies.

With modern technology in play, I DVR some of my favorite TV shows, partly because they are on later than I want to stay up and partly so I can fast forward through the commercials that I find an insult to my intelligence. That allows me 45 minutes to goof off while I watch one them. Usually I use that time to eat a meal. It’s a nice break from whatever else is on the calendar that day like laundry, dishes, cooking, sewing and/or writing. I know to some, that sounds like a whole day of goofing off but I’m retired so for me it’s what needs to get done.

The calendar does say this day was created by a kid, so may I suggest doing something with a kid, or something you liked to do as a kid. If that doesn’t work maybe just relax in your favorite chair and think of the silly things you used to do as a kid. My girlfriends and I used to get a whole bunch of blankets, layer them on my porch floor as a cushion then sleep there overnight. The silly part was we would get a bag of caramels, divide them equally then open our share and make a big ball of goo. Of course we only ate part of it so we would put the rest under our pillows for the next day. I don’t remember ever wrapping them in anything. Today that sounds yucky, but I know we did it more than once. I am lucky enough to still have those girls as my friends and we talk about it every once in a while.

If you can’t goof off today, share with me what you remember doing or would like to do. I’m sure I would find it interesting.