The health benefits of licorice include relief from canker sores, stomach disorders, respiratory ailments, pre-menstrual syndrome, peptic ulcers, menopausal symptoms and it helps in fighting various kinds of infections such as herpes, HIV, hepatitis, and shingles.

It is also effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, tuberculosis, neurological disorders, female fertility, and obesity, while also helping to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. Licorice extracts contain phytoestrogens, which promote detoxification, healthy skin and hair, dental health, and immune defense. Furthermore, it helps to combat body odor and depression.

Licorice or liquorice comes from the Glycyrrhiza plant species and is valued for its rich flavor. It derives its name from the Greek, glycyrrhiza which means ‘sweet root’.  [The above courtesy of rganic Facts website]

Now I know why so many people don’t like licorice, it has the flavor of what some might call medicine. I happen to be one that likes the black chewy stuff. Black jelly beans are my favorite and I like the fact so many of my friends don’t like them, because they save them for me. Need I divulge I also like sweet things?

I had never read about all the health benefits before so that’s why I shared that information. Now I understand why when my stomach is upset I crave a hot cut of licorice tea. It’s nice to find out that I am actually doing something that is beneficial for my system. Usually when I crave something it’s chicken wings or ice cream which I know are not good for my overall health but are oh so tasty.

I have to admonish the National Day of Calendar people for using a picture of a little boy with “red Licorice Twizzlers.” I didn’t post it because red Twizzlers are not made from licorice root. They are a gelatin candy made to look like the famous black licorice sticks. Sometimes their good intentions don’t give the correct facts. Oh well. I set the record straight so no one should be confused anymore.

As a kid I enjoyed eating Good and Plenty which are hard candy coated licorice pieces. At the movies recently I saw that they are still sold. It’s nice some things from my childhood are still around and just seeing the pink, white and black box took me on a little trip down memory lane, in particular who I sat with in the back row of the theater when I was one of those silly teenagers that thought I knew it all. Those were the days, I was still innocent to the responsibilities of adult life. I wonder if sharing a box of the morsels with my grandson next time we go to the movies would bring back more memories. He might not like licorice, maybe I won’t have to share.