I was introduced to truffles at the original Dilettante’s Chocolates on Broadway in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, Washington, in the early ’80’s. The delicacies were the size of a baby’s fist and expensive even then, but worth it. They were so rich and flavorful I would take a tiny bite and let it melt in my mouth before taking the next morsel. The Hungarian recipes were made with only the finest ingredients and you only needed one because it was nice to let the flavor stay in your mouth for a time. 

What a nice walk down memory lane. I had a friend that would take me to “Boondocks,” also on Broadway (no longer open) for dinner, then we would go to the “Harvard Exit” movie theater and Dilettante’s for dessert. The theater is still open and the chocolate place has grown to include specialty coffee, confections, pastries, and multiple locations, plus their famous truffles. I wish I still lived in that area so I could visit. They do have mail order. Hmmm!

Truffles are widely available these days and make a great gift for any occasion for any chocolate lover. The dilemma is picking the flavors and/or designs. The original truffle was made with chocolate ganache filling, coated in hard chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut or chopped nuts. Today they are made with any type filling and most are dipped so they have a hard chocolate shell. I have recently seen them in pyramid, ice cream cone and miniature bottle shapes. I ate and enjoyed the bottle-shaped one, it actually tasted a bit like hops. I’m guessing it was supposed to because it even had a yellow “bottle cap.”

Lots of times I can take or leave chocolate. It doesn’t call to me like it does to some people, but chocolate truffles have my number especially if they are filled with dark chocolate crème or caramel minus the salt. I don’t understand why anyone would adulterate good caramel with salt. But that’s just me. Treat yourself to a truffle today and let me know where you got it.