It’s national Bird Day. I love my backyard birds. Feeding them isn’t very expensive for the amount of entertainment they provide. I’m always surprised when we have workmen at the house, or sometimes company, and they don’t know the names of our common back yard birds especially the brightly colored ones. I grew up in a family that liked nature so we learned the proper names as soon as we could talk.

Above from left to right; top row – Blue Jay – Chickadee – Cardinal; bottom row – Goldfinch – Robin – Downy Woodpecker. The robin doesn’t use the feeder because it eats worms and bugs, and the feisty little downy usually only feeds on the suet I hang and doesn’t like to share. The cardinal always comes first in the morning, with his mate and is always the gentleman.  The blue jay travels with its mate and always announces its arrival. The goldfinch likes niger seed and will share that feeder with others of its kind. The chickadee is the most fearless and will sit in the tree and scold me if I take too long filling the feeder. We have many more kinds than these few.

A problem with feeding the birds is you also end up with determined, smart squirrels that try to get in your feeders. Right now I have a young male that has figured out how to knock the window feeder from the window ending up with a feast on the ground. He makes me mad. He is also climbing up and down on our new screen door like it’s his private play ground leaving pee trails on it. Grrrr….. I’ll have to figure a way to outsmart him.

The people who had our house before we bought it planted bee balm, a plant with a bright red flower. Once that blooms we have hummingbirds that visit. It’s my favorite time of summer. Nothing better than doing the dishes and watching the hummingbird in the flowerbed. It would be nice to see more than one at a time, but I never have.

Sometimes at dusk I can hear an owl, but have yet to spot him/her. It has to be very close by because I can hear it over the television. Maybe one day soon he will reveal himself. That would make my day. If that happens I’ll let you know what kind it is.