Do you have a teacher that made a big impact on your life? Is there one teacher you remember over all the others because he/she could help you understand anything?  In my experience most teachers do their job because they love it, not because they are getting paid well to do it, except maybe private tutors.

I remember my next older sister having trouble with history in high school. She read the material and went in for extra help, and still didn’t pass too many of the tests. She ended up taking a summer class with a different teacher and passed with flying colors. I can still hear her say, “He makes the stories come alive so the people seem real and I can remember all the facts. It’s actually fun.” How the teacher delivered the information made the difference for her.

My mother used to tell the story that when I was in second grade my teacher asked the class what state we lived in. Mind you, this was in the early ’60’s and teaching your child their full address as soon as they could talk was not a necessary thing. I was the only one that knew we lived in New York State. My mother had taught me that because her sister lived in New Jersey and she wrote a letter to her every month that I had the privilege of taking to the post office next door.

These days in the states it is a well-known fact that most teachers spend some of their own money on extra things for their classroom like decorations, art supplies, maps, Kleenex, etc. They do it because there is no money in the school budget for “extras.” When one considers how much time our children spend in school each day it’s sad the finances don’t meet the needs.

I teach quilting classes and know first hand how gratifying it is to share my knowledge with others. It can also be a big challenge dealing with different personalities and students that work at different speeds. It’s human nature to naturally bond more closely with one person over another and I have made some very good friends. In fact all the people I spend my free time with are fellow quilters, some I got started and some I met in other classes I took. It’s a friendly community.

On this teacher appreciation day, if you can, reach out to that favorite teacher and say thank you. Wouldn’t it make their day to get a letter in the mail at the school they teach at telling them you still think of their classes. In my case, I’m too old to have any of my teachers still at a school, but I could send an e-mail to my favorite quilting teacher. And don’t forget your parents or older siblings, they were/are your teachers too. When you thing about it there are a myriad of people you have learned from in your life. Make their day with a simple thank you.