Other than nature, everything within sight originated with a creative thought. Let that sink in a minute. I love creativity. If I’m not writing, I’m sewing, or cooking. Sometimes I even weed my flowerbeds to create the look I want instead of having the look the weeds treat me to. I enjoy how some of these days fall right where I need them to so I can share something I have been thinking about. Hence the following:

Are you happy to sit in the quiet with your own thoughts

Can you sit calmly for hours in a hospital with a friend in an induced coma

Can you go more than a day without talking to another human

Can you give yourself permission to wonder where the birds sleep at night

Can you whip up a dinner for twelve, including dessert

Can you do research for a project for days to make it come to fruition

Can you laugh at yourself when you know you’ve made a blunder

            And can you say you’re sorry when you should

Can you spend hours making a quilt then give it away

Can you write the conversation of a make-believe family and have it sound natural

Can you make up 99 word stories from a written prompt

Can you keep a historical record of your family in photographs

Can you admit little frightened you when you were young and now lots of things do

I can

My thoughts take me on creative courses; writing, sewing, photo taking, sharing knowledge and teaching others. It’s a journey, fulfilling to share with others, but enriched by a lot of quiet time.