What is your impression of heaven? Do you believe heaven has streets paved of gold; that there will be tranquility for all and maybe a few angels still in need of their wings as depicted in books and movies.

      I remember when I was young my parents discussing their different desires if heaven were indeed a place they would find “heavenly.” My father wanted unlimited fishing holes, well inhabited hunting grounds and an ongoing poker game. My mother wanted all her children with her, but no meals to prepare or laundry to do, and she pictured a forest nearby where they could play and learn together. She also wanted an unlimited source of craft supplies so she could continue to be creative and busy.

     Currently I am wondering if there is beer in heaven. My brother-in-law will be finding out soon and for his sake I hope the answer is yes. He worked hard when he was a younger man and as the saying goes, he played hard too. He’s one of those guys who after a couple beers can add laughter to any situation. I’m thinking his dream of heaven would be acres of grass to mow with animals to spot on the forest edges, a healthy body and mind and plenty of beer to drink. I’d ask him, but in his state of health he wouldn’t be able to answer me. It’s hard to watch a loved one fade into confusion and pain.

     Heaven for myself would be unlimited shelves of fabric and time to make all the projects I wanted. I’d like really good food and ice cream available so I could eat as much as I want without any ill effects. I’d like to be involved with people and animals without politics, back stabbing or lies being told. And yes, I’d also like to have some beer, along with laughter and happiness.

     My husband is still working full time at the age of seventy because he loves his job and it is also his hobby. He’s tired quite often so he said he’d take the floating cloud but it would have to hover over the Fenway Park’s Green Monster and there needed to be a game to watch with beer and peanuts available.

     Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have our own definition of heaven when we get there. I wonder if that’s possible and not have the situation turn into chaos like it has on this big earth of ours. I guess I’m not ready to die to find out. Now I’m wondering if we’ll have a stream of conscious when we get to the hereafter or if we’ll even know where we have been. So many questions with no way to find out the answers. I guess I just have to have faith that heaven will be good for all, and maybe there will be beer too.