In part one I talked about the fact if each human came up with their description of heaven, none of them would be the same and very few people I know think streets of gold and floating on clouds playing harps was a human thing to want to do. Now I have another question or should I say observation.

            We hear people say they expect to be with their loved ones in heaven, or see a best friend again. I agree. In fact, as my mother took her last breaths my father heard her say more than once, “I am coming.” He guessed she was talking to her mother, or perhaps the daughter they buried nineteen years before. My husband buried his daughter fifteen years ago when she was 27 after a vehicle accident. So here’s the question; when we meet our loved ones in heaven will a toddler know his/her aged parent? Will a 27-year-old recognize a father that may be 85 when the last time she saw him he was 55? Will she age?

            I Googled meeting loved ones after death. According to and we will have glorified-healed bodies and we will be reunited with loved ones and Jesus Christ. (Please don’t tell me if I mixed up the details, those are the general thoughts.) OK, that applies to Christians, but what about other faiths that Jesus is not part of. I’m not trying to start an argument here I’m speculating and wondering aloud.

            The websites that quoted scripture all referred to the New Testament. There were no other references from other religions except Christianity. I suppose I could have searched further than the first page Google gave me and delved into other religions but I didn’t.

            One site said how firm a relationship one being had with another while living would make a difference to whether they could retain a connection after death. It didn’t talk of angels but of being able to feel a presence either positive or negative. Sort of “out-there science” some would say. There were references to demons and hauntings as well as protective feelings. Quite thought-provoking in my opinion.

            The question for me remains will my mother that died of cancer, at age 59, leaving an emaciated weak body be a younger healthy woman when I see her in heaven. And will she recognize her daughter that was 17 when she departed and is now 65 and at the moment still going strong?

            At lunch with my girlfriends I brought up this subject. One said she thought each individual would appear is heaven as they did at their peak while living on earth. The discussion turned to knowing our own babies cry in a full nursery with the conclusion if we could do that, we would know our loved one in whatever form or age in the future because of familial/blood connection. I like that conclusion.

            I told them about part one of this musing in which I hoped there would be beer in heaven and one scoffed, “So my relative will still be a drunk.” We turned back to the glorified-healed body idea and chose to agree that shouldn’t be the case. It was quite a deep discussion but we all left with more questions than we started with. I imagine next time we are together someone will say they have given it more thought and come up with stronger conclusions or beliefs.

            I’ve also wondered about the person who has had two happy marriages because one spouse died way too young. In heaven, who will get to be with who, or will we all be great friends with no “marriage.” And what about the broken family? Will everyone get along? I’m sure there is an answer my human mind isn’t aware of.

            Now it’s your turn. Care to share how you think you’ll know your loved ones in heaven? I accept no one has the real answer but it’s mind expanding to think about and a comfort to think we’ll be reunited with those we want to see again in the after-life.