I was your friend

I felt close to you

I knew you hurt inside

But didn’t know how deep

I wish I’d understood

We , your co-workers

And your peers

Tried to help by talking

You pushed us away

Saying you were okay

You gained more weight

When already large

You drank more

Already having a problem

We watched, very aware

It troubled us to see you

Stuck in your own way

Unable to break free

From the fears

That controlled you

Now you are gone

Such a swift passage

We believe you’re free

from the pain you suffered

Written in response to Charli Mills April 1 2021, prompt at Carrot Ranch Literary: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a swift passage. You can take inspiration from any source. Who is going where and why. What makes it swift? Go where the prompt leads!