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Healthy and Yummy

The health benefits of licorice include relief from canker sores, stomach disorders, respiratory ailments, pre-menstrual syndrome, peptic ulcers, menopausal symptoms and it helps in fighting various kinds of infections such as herpes, HIV, hepatitis, and shingles. Continue reading “Healthy and Yummy”


I used to work at The Olive Garden restaurant. We could sneak soup or bread sticks when we were hungry, but we could get suspended for eating the Andes chocolate mint candies that were given when the check was presented at each table. Over such a little thing as that? Yes, because when there are fifteen-plus empoyees on duty and we all eat our fill, the big box that should last all evening, disappears in about an hour. The candies are so good, and a refreshing minty taste remains when one is allowed to slowly melt in your mouth. Continue reading “Yum-Yum”

Fruity or Spicy

I know gumdrops are available all year round, but they are the featured candy on the shelf at the check-outs in my local grocery store at Christmas time. I look at them longingly and then wonder, are they spicy or fruity. I don’t happen to like the fruity ones so if I pick up a green one expecting a refreshing wintergreen flavor and end up with a limey one, it upsets my taste buds expectations. If I do succumb to temptation the visual presents, I read the label before putting down my cash. There’s nothing good about an upset taste bud. Continue reading “Fruity or Spicy”

Sweet Tooth

What is your favorite hard candy? Mine is and always has been Atomic Fireballs. I have a bowl of them in my sewing room, a bowl in the living room and a stash in my car. I don’t chew gum very often, but you can often see me with a huge bump in my cheek when I drive, compliments of a fireball. I enjoy one when I’m thirsty, when I want  something sweet and to rid myself of a too salty taste in my mouth. Wintergreen lozenges would be a distant second if I had to admit to another craving. Continue reading “Sweet Tooth”

A Healthy Snack

I invite my adult nephew to join us occasionally when my kids come for dinner. With the grandchildren involved it makes for a full table and there is a lot of talking all at the same time. Jim doesn’t come empty handed. He often brings a bag of bittersweet chocolate covered almonds. I put a bowl of them on the table when we clear the dinner plates and most of them are gone by the time the house gets quiet.

Have you ever seen that cartoon; vegetables are plants, cocoa is a plant, chocolate is made from cocoa, so chocolate is a vegetable and I can eat all I want. I don’t have that totally correct, but you get the idea. The fun part is scientists have proven that bittersweet chocolate does have healthy benefits. Almonds are also good for people so are a healthy snack. Add the two together and you have the ultimate healthy snack. So is there a drawback? Yes! It should be a snack, not a meal!

I know lots of ladies that their go to when they are sad or depressed is chocolate. I don’t fit in that category and can have chocolate around the house for weeks and not find it a temptation. I also like almonds and other nuts. Those I have been known to make a meal out of. So, I’m thinking you can figure out how long bittersweet chocolate almonds last when they are visible in a bowl. Sometimes I put them in a metal tin so I can’t see them and they stick around longer.

I think you should put them on your shopping list! Enjoy!


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