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Value the Salesperson

I believe a good salesperson is one who likes other humans, has good people skills to start with, comes to work on time, is loyal to their brand and boss, and can smile despite any personal problems. Continue reading “Value the Salesperson”

Who’s Really My Boss

It’s National Boss’s Day 

Who is your boss

The person who owns the company you work for

Or the manager of a place owned by a conglomerate

Or the head of your department

I’m thinking…who is my boss

My husband because he works and I don’t

Perhaps my children, if I admit they run the house

or they used to anyway

and I still run when they call


Who is it that gets me out of bed to let him out

Who sleeps in my chair while I sit on the couch

Who can open the screen door by himself, but waits for me

Who won’t eat out of his bowl if the bottom is showing

Who chases others of his kind off our property

Who makes me vacuum more often than I would like to

You guessed it….the CAT

He does indeed control a lot of my actions while I’m home

Thankfully he has no other employees to boss when we travel

It’s National Beautician Day. Where would we be without our hair stylists? It’s one of those things that is really hard to do for yourself unless you are ambidextrous and can work backwards in a mirror. It’s also frustrating when the stylist can make your hair do things that you can’t. The phrase, “I just can’t make it look like she does,” comes to mind.

I’m one of those lucky old ladies that has very little grey hair so I don’t spend time at the beauty shop getting my hair colored. My sisters are jealous. The fun part for me is when I am with them and people ask if I am their daughter instead of realizing I am the little sister. It makes them angry. It would me too if the shoe were on the other foot.

My husband used to get his hair cut by a professional but now I cut it. That came about when he went into a shop one day as a song on the radio started playing. He was back in his vehicle in time to hear the end of the second song by the same artist, with a buzz cut and without $12.00. With clippers, I can do it in about ten minutes and he gets a kiss on the cheek when I take the cape off. He says that is the best part.

I know some ladies that have been going to the same stylist for a good many years and they are fast friends and confidants. That hasn’t worked for me partly because I’ve moved too many times, but more so because I have fine, just curly enough to be a pain not a gift hair and I haven’t found anyone who can make it look nice and deal with the curls at the same time. It’s quite a challenge to get it symmetrical like I want it.

I enjoy going to the beauty shop to relax and listen to the other conversations. There is always a slice of life that is different to me. I find it frustrating to pay $50.00 when I am there less than half an hour. I guess the stylist has a good gig, especially if she can please her  clients.

Next time you go to your beautician, be mindful they are on their feet all day and probably have to listen to a lot of stories like a bartender does. I guess their job is worth the price you have to pay to look good.



Taken for Granted

stIt’s National Lineman Appreciation Day. After the recent windstorm in western New York and other states to the west of us, this day means a little more. Turning a light on, or the TV, and knowing they are going to work shouldn’t be taken for granted, though I know I am guilty of just that. We expect our power to work at all times, thinking little of how it actually gets to our homes.

“Regardless of the source, the electricity has to be transported by employing transformers and other equipment. Due to the dangerous conditions power poses, safety is of utmost importance for both the lineman and the consumer. When mother nature destroys what our linemen have built up, they are on call to build it back up again as quickly as possible. Even when there is no crisis, they work under dangerous conditions on a daily basis. Whether they are working in trenches, near water or on high towers, the risks are extreme.” (borrowed from the National Day of Calendar)

The windstorm I mentioned above was predicted to have 50 mph winds, but we had gusts over 95 mph which did more damage than expected. Lineman came to help “get the power back on” from many different states and Canada in 20 degree weather. We owe them a big thank you. It was pointed out on the news that they couldn’t work until the downed trees were moved out of their way, which they weren’t allowed to do. For some homes it was a three to five-day wait. And believe me, when the lights came back on, and the heat, people were mighty thankful. We were lucky, our power didn’t go out.

Last week a cat in our local area climbed a power pole and was sitting on top amongst all the wires. The owner called the power company to come rescue her pet and was told it was too dangerous to attempt. That should give a good indication of how dangerous a job these people do. After three days, the cat came down on his own, in the secrecy and quiet of night. It was quite the news story.

Here I sit in front of my computer thinking about the electricity that runs it. I appreciate the linemen that keep my power on.

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