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Flash Fiction and personal thoughts



Through a Window

When at my computer

outside the window

squirrels run atop the fence

clouds meander or skitter past

and trees show me the season.


When in church

the stained glass

depicts sacred parts of history

deflects the beautiful light of life

and helps me examine my own.


When window shopping

with family or friend

in a near town or far city

the items entice me to enter

to decide if I must have them.


When outside looking in

The lights of my home

promise warmth and protection

a shelter from discourse

and a safe place to lay my head.


{written for a poetry contest. The window is a sky light covering in the Frank Lloyd Wright Darwin Martin House, Buffalo, NY}

When Dreaming

When I dream, I am young

Not naive young, like in high school

but thirty-something young

with enough experience to have a few smarts


When I am in public

I still notice the guy in the crowd

as if I were still young

dark hair, dark eyes, like my first childhood playmate


When I think of working

Now I have decided what I would like to do

I am young enough to do it

With energy, interest and no pain


When I hear a concert mentioned

I still want to go

Alas, the ears hate loud noise

And the thumping bass makes me nauseous


So here I sit at my computer

In a fine back support chair

Wondering if others imagine themselves

In an age they are not Continue reading “When Dreaming”

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