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According to the National Day of Calendar many people receive fruitcakes as gifts sometime during the holiday season. Some people eat the holiday bread. Others may re-gift them. There are those who sneakily throw them away and others who will do so openly. But on the third day of January, another type of fruitcake, ahem, person comes out of the woodwork.  These are the characters who have hoarded them, stored them and hid them so they can celebrate National Fruitcake Toss Day. The idea being, see how far you can throw one of the hard disks. Continue reading

Star Wars Anyone

When I was a kid, our science fiction on television was a show called “The Twilight Zone” hosted by Rod Serling. The stories were usually a little spooky and left me wondering if something that had just been shown could actually happen. Mr. Serling’s voice added to the suspense and wonderment. Episodes are available on Netflix and your computer if you want to check them out. Continue reading “Star Wars Anyone”

Innocence of Youth

“Mama, I’ve been reading some of your flash fiction. Why are they all such downers?”

“Well, flash fiction by definition is a short story and it requires an arc with a problem and a resolution; something with an adrenalin rush to keep the reader’s interest.”

“But I want to read short happy stories; maybe about puppies. I’m going to wish for that on the next falling star I see.”

“That would be an admirable wish honey.” I turned away from my ten year old with tears forming, wishing she could stay that innocent for the rest of her life.

Continue reading “Innocence of Youth”

My Useless

When I got home after two nights away with my sisters, I asked my husband how it went with the cat. You see, Useless is my cat. My husband tolerates him, and actually shows concern for the cat to the point he will sit in my chair, with my blanket over his legs so my cat will have a lap to sit on when I am away. My husband is a softy, but don’t tell him we know.

After my question, my husband tried to glare, and said, “Your cat!”

I asked, “What did he do?” Continue reading “My Useless”

Wedding Flowers-Flash Fiction

 “As is customary son, we are planning to pay for the wedding flowers. I think elegant white flowers like gardenias or roses would be best.”

“Sandy and I have already chosen carnations because of how well they last. They will look elegant with some green ivy, baby’s breath and long white ribbons.

“But we would be happy to pay for something more exotic; maybe orchids or lilies.”

“Lilies are for funerals and we aren’t exotic. Carnations will represent our practicality and symbolize  our expectations for a long marriage.”

“Fluffy white marshmallows if you ask me.”

“That’s why we didn’t.” Continue reading “Wedding Flowers-Flash Fiction”

Let’s Celebrate

The holidays are upon us….and I have read that “the holidays” start at Thanksgiving and carry through the Super Bowl because that is the time of year people overindulge in food, fun, booze, and gatherings. I don’t think there can ever be enough fun gatherings of family and friends, but you get the picture. It’s the time of year food takes a front seat no matter how hard we try to say or plan that it won’t. Maybe I am speaking for myself. Continue reading “Let’s Celebrate”

Sweet Tooth

What is your favorite hard candy? Mine is and always has been Atomic Fireballs. I have a bowl of them in my sewing room, a bowl in the living room and a stash in my car. I don’t chew gum very often, but you can often see me with a huge bump in my cheek when I drive, compliments of a fireball. I enjoy one when I’m thirsty, when I want  something sweet and to rid myself of a too salty taste in my mouth. Wintergreen lozenges would be a distant second if I had to admit to another craving. Continue reading “Sweet Tooth”

Learning Respect for the Flag

“I’m not coming home for a dumb parade to see Dad in a musty old uniform and carrying a flag that means nothing. I’m riding to D.C. for Memorial Day.”

“He fought for that flag.”

Weeks later. “I went to Bike Week in Lake George, NY, after I went to Rolling Thunder. I saw lots of bikes, boobs, and drunks. Not a good scene. On the other hand, only in D.C can 400,000 roaring bikes, lots of flags and tons of veterans be a reverent sight. I now understand Dad’s loyalty to the flag. I’ll be home next year.” Continue reading “Learning Respect for the Flag”

My New Desk

Well that was an unexpected week away from my blog! I’m back with a better organized work space, and a grand sense of accomplishment.

For the past few years my computer monitor has been sitting on my husband’s mother’s old desk and my keyboard and mouse have been sitting on a folding tray table I could lower enough to be able to type away in an ergonomically correct position. Functional yes, appearance and space wise, a big fat ugh… I finally convinced my husband a new desk with a pull out shelf for the keyboard was a wise decision. Continue reading “My New Desk”

Value the Salesperson

I believe a good salesperson is one who likes other humans, has good people skills to start with, comes to work on time, is loyal to their brand and boss, and can smile despite any personal problems. Continue reading “Value the Salesperson”

Freedom Isn’t Free

This day is observed to honor the 3,500 Americans who lost their lives or were wounded on December 7th when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and gave the U. S. reason to enter WWII.  Continue reading “Freedom Isn’t Free”

Control What You Can-Flash Fiction


“In the past three weeks, we had to move into our new house before the painters and rug layers were done, there were two deaths in my wife’s family and our daughter was in a car wreck and can’t go back to work.”

“How are you coping with such trials?”

“I’m a patient man, but I want answers. I’m praying a lot.”

“How about your wife?”

“I helped her unpack the quilting room and I cut fabric for her to sew, then sent her to lunch with her friends. She felt better after accomplishing something and receiving healing hugs.” Continue reading “Control What You Can-Flash Fiction”

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