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Be Happy

For most people happiness happens naturally. I can look out my window and marvel at the colors of the flowers, enjoy dewdrops glistening on leaves, and know it’s going to be a sunny warm day in western New York. I can hear my cat purring in the chair next to me and watch the chipmunks outside running around on our wood pile. Both things make me smile. I sometimes think about the reality of how a human body works and the solar system keeps moving. These miracles we take for granted give me reason to be happy. Continue reading “Be Happy”

Keep “Em Guessing

It’s National Do a Grouch a Favor Day. I love the picture they chose, it reminds me of a teacher or grandparent ready to scold a small child who is a might rambunctious, or maybe one that just brought a frog into the class room. I’m curious why they picked a man for the picture. I know quite a few grouchy women too, and, interesting that the person is older.

I tend to be a complainer myself. It’s something I am not proud of, and would love to be able to change easily, but I’m not doing well at my goal. I do however think there is a difference between being a complainer and being grouchy. I see a grouch as not remembering how to have fun and laugh at the world, a practical joke, or him/her-self.

You never know what is in a person’s background that has made them a grouch. I’d be willing to wager it has to do with personal loss,  disillusionment with, or expecting too  much of themselves. I’d also wager they will never tell you, they might not even realize it. This applies to the grouch I know best. There is pain inside the person doesn’t know what to do with, or how to heal from.

Let’s keep the grouches we know guessing by being nice to them. Say hello in a most pleasant voice. Ask them how they  are and wait for an answer. Maybe even take them a plate of cookies, or a single rose. I realize if you are nice, you might get stuck with them as your new best friend, but maybe that is just what they need. Do a grouch a favor, it could make their day.



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