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Make Your Own

I’m a home-made person and baklava falls into that category because you can adjust the amount of sugar, honey, lemon or cinnamon used. I decrease the first two ingredients and increase the last two to fit my personal taste. Plus I use a mixture of pecans and walnuts for a richer nuttier flavor. The real secret of making this treat though is how to defrost the Phyllo (or filo) sheets. Yes, I buy them! If the sheets are thawed slowly they handle much better and are easier to work with.  Continue reading “Make Your Own”

Good Anytime

I really like waffles, but the fact I like most foods is no secret. Waffles are a very versatile food. You can have them for breakfast with lots of butter and maple syrup. You can decorate them like the one above and serve sections for dessert at a luncheon or you can have them with chicken fingers for dinner. I haven’t tried the latter one yet, somehow chicken doesn’t go with a waffle in my mind. Continue reading “Good Anytime”

The National Day of Calendar tells me that Alfredo di Lelio created fettuccine alfredo for his wife when she had no appetite after having their first child. It says it was noodles, cheese and butter. Yum. There is a recipe you can click on, so I did. To my dismay it was made with store-bought jars of sauce. Not in my kitchen! I’ll make mine from scratch, thank you, so much less salt that way! And adding cream is a must. If one is going to eat alfredo sauce, it might as well be the best it can be. You can always add some chicken and vegetables to make yourself think of it as a more healthy meal.

About thirty years ago, my daughter and I went to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada for the day. Back in the days you didn’t need a passport to cross the border. I don’t remember what the reason for our trip was, but when we came back across the border, the guard asked us if we had bought anything during our stay. I’m way too honest a person; fearing he would tell me I couldn’t take it into the states, I answered, “We have leftover Fettuccine Alfredo in a to-go box.” He got this serious look on his face and asked from which restaurant. I told him, Mama Mia’s. He got a big grin and said something to the effect of, “At least you knew where to get the best. Have a good day.” We are still talking about his comment.

I just looked up on Trip Advisor to find out if Mama Mia’s is still open. It is, but the reviews weren’t all that favorable. Still, I would go back just for the good memory. My daughter is now 42 and she does have a passport. Maybe we should go for a ride and have Fettuccine Alfredo for lunch one more time.


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