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A Popcorn Repeat

A repeat from last year, as my sentiments have not changed.
 I love popcorn. Whenever my husband isn’t home for supper, that is what I usually have. I watch a movie I know he wouldn’t care for, and eat a big bowl of popcorn. It makes the evening all my own. The cat even has to have a piece to lick the salt off of.

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National Personal Chef Day

Having a personal chef is something I know nothing about if you are referring to someone you pay to do your cooking.

I know some people that have had a dinner party and paid a chef to put on a cooking demonstration, then eaten the food prepared, but I’ve never been invited to one of those events.  I think I’ve missed a fun time.

I have eaten in a restaurant or two where someone prepares your food table side.  If one could call the preparer a personal chef, I remember both times the young man was very easy on the eyes, and the food was excellent.

On family dinner day in our house, I am the chef.  Mostly because I like to be.  Our tradition is to let the person who has a birthday that month pick the menu.  Luckily we are a small group and most of the months are represented.  November we have turkey for Thanksgiving, so our November birthday picks the menu for the month we don’t have anyone.  It all works well.  Oh, and broccoli is served most every month because the grandchildren will eat it.  And dessert? I have spent the day before making a scrumptious cake from scratch and it gets pushed aside for ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce.  Hence, now I just plan on ice cream.  As I said, it all works well.



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