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A Grand Organization

When I wrote my novel I wanted the young male hero to be a well-rounded, moralistic, caring, upright young man the military would love to have as one of their own, so I made him a Boy Scout during his growing up years. He was also an only child, so the Scouts gave him a family of brothers, a place to belong and best friends. Later in the story he mentors another youth in the Boy Scouts so some of the badges they can earn are discussed. The five most common are First Aid, Camping, Cooking, Swimming and Citizenship in the Community. Good everyday living skills. Continue reading “A Grand Organization”

Always Prepared

When I was young, I knew some of my class mates were in the Boy Scouts. I heard them talking of earning badges and working their way up through the ranks. There was one boy I had a big crush on that attained his Eagle rank just before he graduated from high school. I didn’t have any brothers, so really all I knew was what I listened to on the school bus. I did get to go to one of their Christmas parties with that boy I mentioned. I digress.

If you’ve never been directly involved in the Boy Scouts, I urge you to go to their web site and read the requirements for a young man to attain the Eagle rank. I looked it up when I was doing research for my novel. I was surprised at how detailed and extensive their training is.

The boy I mentioned was the oldest of six children, and hence was the after school babysitter for his siblings while their parents worked. He was also involved in the school band, on the track ream, and started meals and did laundry at home. In retrospect, I don’t know how he had time to meet the requirements to attain the Eagle rank. I do know his parents were very proud of him. He went on to a career in the Navy.

The badges the scouts earn give them a well rounded education in all sorts of daily experiences. Things that will help them with their every day lives. They also learn to help others, work as a team, and be respectful. The Boy Scouts motto is Always Be Prepared. It’s a good plan for anyone’s life. I wish more youngsters made time for the Boy Scouts.


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