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Make Someone’s Day

Do you like compliments? Do you give compliments? I’m over 60, but a real compliment still makes me perk up and smile wide, especially when a published writer tells me I have written something well. One of these days, if I stick to it, I’ll be able to say I am published too. I keep hearing it just takes grit and to never give up trying. Continue reading “Make Someone’s Day”

Just Do It

Today is Just Because Day. Why they chose a picture of a pretty blue bird for today is a mystery to me. I think I would have chosen a picture of people dancing in the rain, having a good time. Anyway, the point behind today is take the time to do something you have always thought about or wanted to, just because. The calendar points out it can be something in the line of helping others, a daring scary experience, or buying that item you have been longing for, or maybe even trying a food that makes you squirm. Continue reading “Just Do It”

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