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A Healthy Snack

The National Day of Calendar tells me there are over 7,500 varieties of apples and over 7.5% of the world’s production comes from the USA. I have had the good fortune to live in two areas of the states that are known for apple growing; New York state and Washington state. There is nothing like driving past the orchards when the blossoms are out in the spring or when the trees are heavy with fruit. The smell is wonderful and the taste buds react instinctively.  Continue reading “A Healthy Snack”

A Healthy Snack

I invite my adult nephew to join us occasionally when my kids come for dinner. With the grandchildren involved it makes for a full table and there is a lot of talking all at the same time. Jim doesn’t come empty handed. He often brings a bag of bittersweet chocolate covered almonds. I put a bowl of them on the table when we clear the dinner plates and most of them are gone by the time the house gets quiet.

Have you ever seen that cartoon; vegetables are plants, cocoa is a plant, chocolate is made from cocoa, so chocolate is a vegetable and I can eat all I want. I don’t have that totally correct, but you get the idea. The fun part is scientists have proven that bittersweet chocolate does have healthy benefits. Almonds are also good for people so are a healthy snack. Add the two together and you have the ultimate healthy snack. So is there a drawback? Yes! It should be a snack, not a meal!

I know lots of ladies that their go to when they are sad or depressed is chocolate. I don’t fit in that category and can have chocolate around the house for weeks and not find it a temptation. I also like almonds and other nuts. Those I have been known to make a meal out of. So, I’m thinking you can figure out how long bittersweet chocolate almonds last when they are visible in a bowl. Sometimes I put them in a metal tin so I can’t see them and they stick around longer.

I think you should put them on your shopping list! Enjoy!


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