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New Life – flash fiction

Trying to focus on paperwork in the Iraqi heat had Michael agitated. The only positive, he was inside. Then he heard the words, “The babies are out.” He grabbed his binoculars and joined the parade leaving the building. They raced passed a lone guy loading a truck, went to the far fence and raised their glasses. Michael enjoyed the moment then returned to the loader. “I’ll do this, you go have a look.”

“Thanks, Sarge.”

The newbie joined the group and after guidance, saw the hares playing on the burned remains of a jeep roof half-buried in the sand.


Written in response to  Charli Mills March 19, 2020, prompt from Carrot Ranch Literary: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a rabbit on the roof. Or many rabbits. Why are they there? Explain the unexpected, go into any genre. Go where the prompt leads!

Put On a Sweater

The National Day of Calendar has a long list of common sense things you can do to cut energy costs; turn down the thermostat, use a crock pot instead of the oven, install modern lightbulbs, replace old windows or furnace, take shorter showers, carpool, etc. Continue reading “Put On a Sweater”

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