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Where Did It Go?

It’s National Lost Sock Memorial Day. How many individual socks do you have sitting on top of your dresser? They lie there waiting, in hopes their partner will be found hidden in a folded sheet, or in a dusty ball under the bed.

My husband has a few and I do to. It’s funny, because I buy the same brand of sock for him year after year. He has brown ones and black ones. I can only tell them apart by the hue of color according to the age of the sock. Which means, they could be matched with each other at most times, but yet, I still have these poor single socks with no mate.

According to the National Day of Calendar, this day is thee day to throw out the single socks and have a little memorial for them. It also suggests you could use them as dust rags, or make hand puppets out of them. I remember making hand puppets when I was a kid. We got out my mother’s button box and found just the right button for the eyes, and nose. Do kids even do that today?

I have a special young man in my life that is a sports reporter. He wears mismatched socks on purpose because he says it’s a good ice-breaker or conversation starter when he’s out in public. I can’t say as I’ve ever seen it do anything but get weird looks from people. My grandson also wears mismatched socks, but he has a better reason. “Grandma, I just pick the first two out of the drawer that I can reach.” Maybe it’s because his mom doesn’t take the time to match them. Either way, it is his form of personal self expression.

If you don’t do it today, the next time you do laundry, give each one of those single socks a little kiss and toss them in the trash. By now you should know the other half of the pair is not going to show back up. Maybe they are in washer or dryer heaven.

National Lazy Mom’s Day

Personally I think this day should be named, Give Mom a Day Off.  The description says this is a day for moms to not do the dishes or the laundry.  I wouldn’t call that lazy, I would call that taking a break at the beginning of a new school year.

When I was a kid, my mother didn’t work outside the home.  I can’t say as I remember seeing her do the laundry, but it was always done. When I would go upstairs at night to go to bed, there would be piles of clean clothes on the steps, in  order of age, so mine were on the lowest step.  I do remember her hanging the sheets outside even when it meant they would go stiff with frost.  The reasoning was they smelled fresher, longer, and the electric bill liked it.  I’m short and if I were asked to bring the sheets in, I had to stretch to get the clothes pins off the line, and in the snow, invariably it went into the top of my boots.  We had a dachshund for a time, and she loved to bound between the foot holes, then bury her face in the white stuff and burst upwards shaking her head.

Oxford dictionary says lazy means inactive, unwilling to work or exert energy when capable, slothful, or in todays slang we would call that a “couch potato”.  Again, if a person works hard all week, then doesn’t trim the bushes on the weekend because they were feeling lazy; are they really lazy?  Not in my book.

I’ve been thinking all afternoon, and sharing thoughts at dinner too.  I can’t come up with a really good description of lazy.  One person we talked about doesn’t seem to be able to keep a job, yet, he’ll scrape, sand and paint the house every year. We decided he isn’t lazy, he just doesn’t like taking orders from others.  We talked about another person that uses dishes out of the dishwasher until it is empty.  The problem?  The dirty dishes are left to pile up on the counter, not even rinsed, until the dishwasher is once again empty so it can be filled.  I have witnessed this.  It stinks and looks horrendous.  So, is this person lazy, or do they have a form of some unnamed illness?  I hope it’s the latter, it would be easier to accept.

I guess the outcome of a days thinking, comes down to, if you are a mom and you do your best to raise your family, if you don’t feel like doing a chore on a certain day, it will be there to do tomorrow; unless you have an elf, friend, husband, even a kid, that will do it for you.   And, we didn’t even get to what retired moms might do with this day.  Take it off; it’s the day designated to do so.


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