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National Day of …….

How We Met

Nachos have a special place in my husband’s and my history. They were what we ate the day we met. It was the last Wednesday in April, 2001. There were five of us, sitting on a bar patio because it was one of those springtime 80 degree days. Funny part of the experience, we all were eating the jalapenos. Outcome of the event, there have only been a handful of days since then that my husband and I have not at least spoken on the phone, if we weren’t together physically. It was a spicy hot beginning. Continue reading “How We Met”


A repeat from last year………………..

If you are one of the lucky moms that gets to stay home with your kids…..Please….never say you are just a housewife. You may often feel like the maid, but years from now your children will brag about the fact you were home when they got on the school bus and when they got off. And today in school, their class mates will be jealous that their friend’s mom is home and theirs is not. Continue reading “Stay-At-Home-Mom”

Good Any Time

Deviled Eggs are my usual addition to any pot-luck or party. Most everyone likes them, they are inexpensive, and other people don’t take the time to make them. I rarely have to worry about left-overs. Continue reading “Good Any Time”

Who Do You Read

This picture makes me chuckle. I know young people who don’t know what a typewriter is. I hope the National Day of Calendar changes the photo for this day to a computer on a desk with a bunch of notes, a coffee cup and research books strewn about. Well, maybe that doesn’t apply to all authors, but that’s how my desk looks. Continue reading “Who Do You Read”

Share With Friends

This day has too many choices so I chose the picture for the National American Beer Day to get your attention. If I compose my sentences carefully I can mention each of the days.

To salute the Navy (day) grab a beer (day) and a breadstick (day) to share with friends. When you are done with that, go home and hold your black cat (day) while you have another beer, American made mind you. But don’t have too many or you might imagine Frankenstein (day) is trying to get you, and you could get hurt trying to escape, so then you would end up sending someone to the pharmacy (buyer day) to get you some bandages. Continue reading “Share With Friends”

Whole Family Serves

I have learned the hard way that families who have never had a military member have no understanding of what being deployed is all about. To those who have a deployed member or have paid the ultimate sacrifice, I salute you. You are what makes this country free and you are the ones that understand what the U.S. flag means to those who fight for it. Thank you! Continue reading “Whole Family Serves”

Comfort Food

Have you ever realized you aren’t hungry for a certain food until you see a picture of it, or hear an advertisement for it? Just looking at the provided picture makes me want to have a bag of hot French fries from my favorite fast food place. I think we all know the term “comfort food”. It doesn’t necessarily mean deep-fried, greasy food, but it is for lots of us.  Continue reading “Comfort Food”

Eat Real

According to the National Day of Calendar, Food Day aims to help people “Eat Real,” which is defined by them as “cutting back on sugar drinks, overly salted packaged foods and fatty, factory-farmed meats in favor of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and sustainably raised protein.” Continue reading “Eat Real”

There’s a current hit on the country music charts by Luke Combs called When It Rains It Pours. From the title it sounds like it will be just another song about misery. The opposite is true. The guy’s luck turns to gold when his girl walks out. He gives credit for his new-found luck to the fact she left and adds, “I ain’t gotta see my ex future mother-in-law anymore”. I love that line. It brings to mind all sorts of situations, but I hope it doesn’t apply to me. Continue reading

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