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Little Piggies

It’s National Pigs in a Blanket Day. My thoughts went to sausage links wrapped in pancakes that I served repeatedly when I worked at a Denny’s. Then I looked at the picture provided and saw mini-hotdogs wrapped in pastry. My husband likes both items; I don’t care for either one.

I know I have told you in the past that I eat most anything. For whatever reason I have never liked breakfast sausage. I have tried to figure out which spice it is that turns me off, to no avail. Generally nobody knows of my dislike, or comments, because when you go out for breakfast you can always order bacon or ham instead. That works for me.

We often go out to breakfast. I order a vegetable omelet, with artichokes if they have them, and my husband orders sausage patties, eggs over easy and pancakes. He puts the sausage on top of the pancakes, the eggs on top of both, covers it with pepper and maple syrup then breaks the yolks before he starts eating. I don’t mind my food touching, or the flavors blended, but the pepper mixed with the syrup keeps me from stealing bites.

At a party, my husband goes for the mini-hotdogs first, wrapped in pastry or just floating in bar-b-q sauce. I bypass them and go for the chips. Potato chips are one of those things I rarely buy. Too dangerous to have in the house. They disappear very rapidly, then I wonder, just for a second, why I never lose any weight.

I guess the visual attached to some food names depends on where you live and what you like to eat. Did you know that in England, sausages are called bangers? Bangers in a blanket doesn’t sound quite the same. Where ever you live and what ever connotation Pigs in a Blanket has for you, if you like them, I hope you have some soon.

Real Maple Syrup

It’s National Pancake Day. IHOP restaurants began National Pancake Day in 2006.  Since that day, they have raised $24 million for charities.  On March 7th, 2017 people from around the country will once again celebrate National Pancake Day at IHOP restaurants and enjoy free pancakes. Guests are asked to consider leaving a donation.

I imagine the lines are long today at IHOP. Anytime anything “free” is involved that’s the way it goes. That’s all right. The gimmick behind this offer is beneficial to a lot of charities, hence a lot of people get help from other people’s donations. That’s a good thing in my mind.

One of the local products of New York state goes very well with pancakes. It’s real Maple Syrup. The maple trees have been tapped for a few weeks now, and there are restaurants that serve pancakes and fresh maple syrup only during the syrup making season. The lines are very long to get a table, but the wait is worth it.

If you’ve never seen, or learned about the process of making fresh maple syrup, I urge you to look it up and share it with the children in your life. It’s fascinating that a liquid drawn from a maple tree, can be cooked down into a super sugary syrup. It’s a long, slow, meticulous process so the syrup doesn’t burn and get ruined. The finished product is a favorite of mine.

If you’ve a mind to have pancakes today, I suggest you brave the lines at IHOP and donate a bit to help your fellow humans. Thank you.


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