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Remember the Fallen

What is Memorial Day weekend to you? In western New York state, it’s the unofficial start of summer when people with summer cottages take the three-day weekend to go open them up for the season. It’s the weekend you can safely plant your flowers or garden without fear of a killing frost. It’s a weekend of parades, picnics and family time. My husband and I make it an annual event to visit the graves of our loved ones to plant geraniums or leave a new stone. We also go to a chicken-bar-b-q at the American Legion in my home town and enjoy listening to a country music band that we know personally.  Continue reading “Remember the Fallen”

Big Temptation

Cheese Doodles, Cheese Puffs, Cheesies, whatever you call them, are one of my biggest temptations. I can walk through the snack isle at the grocery store and ignore most of the bags, but the cheese doodle bag has a power the others don’t. They are on my personal list of “don’t buy or you will eat them” along with M&M’s and potato chips. Continue reading “Big Temptation”

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