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Marshmallows and Chocolate

It’s National Heavenly Hash Day. In my neck of the world that means chocolate ice cream with chocolate bits and marshmallow swirl in it. According to the National Day of Calendar there are many other recipes from different ice cream makers, including one that is fruity. I’ll stick with the chocolate, thank you.

My husband works in big construction. Not outside on the projects as they are being built, but in the office, figuring out how much it is going to cost to build something, or renovate. He’s called an estimator. Today in western New York it is 20 degrees. I know, it isn’t zero, but it’s cold compared to being inside, and he has to go inspect an old building to decide if it is worth renovating. Bottom line, he’s going to be outside most of the morning. He left the house in heavy boots, warm clothes and his winter coat instead of dress shirt and tie.

What does this have to do with Heavenly Hash? Well, we aren’t 40 anymore, and when my husband gets cold, he doesn’t warm up as fast as he used to. I carried wood in yesterday and told him I would have a roaring fire in the fireplace and the family room up to 80 degrees when he got home. (When we bought our house, the neighbor informed us, our family room was the easiest room on the street to heat with its fireplace. That was learned during an ice storm in 1991 when there was no power for a few days and the neighbors congregated in our big room to play cards, share food, stay warm, and wait for the power to come back on.)

So, who wants ice cream on a 20 degree day. Well, if I’m true to my word, and the fire is raging, a bowl of Heavenly Hash might just be the right thing to have for dessert tonight. Maybe I’ll add some peanuts on his. He likes that.

Talking to the World

Back in the 1970’s when I was an Air Force wife, I got out my typewriter, used white paper with carbon paper in-between and wrote letters home; or should I say typed. Recently my husband came home from work and told me about one of the young admins that had never seen a typewriter. REALLY! It wasn’t that long ago! Or, is it in the realm of technology?

Today I sit at my computer, write a few words, and share them with the whole world. Amazing! Think about how our elders complained about rising hemlines and the changes in music. I wonder what they would say about the advances in technology? Sometimes I can’t even keep up with it. And we don’t even have to write, we pull out our smart phone and ask Siri. I do think we are losing human interaction along the way, but we sure can find the answers to almost any question when we want. (I miss browsing in the encyclopedias.)

It’s fun to talk to the world and have them talk back. I follow blogs written by people in foreign countries that I will never get to visit. I love to see the pictures they share, and enjoy learning about the different foods. It seems the common threads are we all like animals, nature, food and family.

Is technology power? I’m not sure about that. It certainly does make a difference. I have been saying for years, the way to hurt any advanced country is not with a bomb, but by turning off the power (electricity) for without it, very little happens. Think about that. How many daily functions do you do that are connected to electricity and technology. Kind of scary isn’t it. Oh well, I certainly don’t want to go back to the outhouse days…..giggle. I guess I’ll keep technology, enjoy what it allows me to do and say thank you to the people that make it all work.




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