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The Family Secret – flash fiction

From the time Cora Kingston attended the one room school house she had eyes for no other than John Yendow, a boy four years older. At home Cora’s mother would rail the girl that he was unacceptable. As Cora grew older her mother tried to pair her with unknowns from out of town but Cora refused. After typhoid took both her mother and John, Cora finally accepted another and moved far away. Years later she returned to erect a tombstone for her true love. If only he had been Jewish like her mother. The best kept secret in town.


In response to Charli Mills December 13, 2018, prompt from Carrot Ranch Literary: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about Cora Kingston. You can answer any of the questions history obscures or completely make up a Cora Kingston story. Go where the prompt (and the name) leads you.

Is There Beer in Heaven Part II

            In part one I talked about the fact if each human came up with their description of heaven, none of them would be the same and very few people I know think streets of gold and floating on clouds playing harps was a human thing to want to do. Now I have another question or should I say observation.

            We hear people say they expect to be with their loved ones in heaven, or see a best friend again. I agree. In fact, as my mother took her last breaths my father heard her say more than once, “I am coming.” He guessed she was talking to her mother, or perhaps the daughter they buried nineteen years before. My husband buried his daughter fifteen years ago when she was 27 after a vehicle accident. So here’s the question; when we meet our loved ones in heaven will a toddler know his/her aged parent? Will a 27-year-old recognize a father that may be 85 when the last time she saw him he was 55? Will she age? Continue reading “Is There Beer in Heaven Part II”

A Family Dynamic/Flash Fiction


“Mom, I’m thinking of bringing home a girl.”

“What’s holding you back.”

“She has no idea we’re Jewish.”

“Haven’t you talked religion?”

“Only to the point we both admit we believe in God. She thinks I play poker on Friday nights, then sleep late on Saturday.”

“Isn’t that deceptive? What does she do?”

“Calls it her ‘girly night’ to go out drinking with friends “

“Why haven’t you told her you’re Jewish?”

“Because I wasn’t sure she would date me.”

“I don’t think religion is the big sticking point it used to be. What’s her name?”

“Debbie Wesson.”

“Wesson, as in Wesson Oil or Smith and Wesson?”

“Actually she’s a Smith and Wesson great-great-granddaughter.”

“Does her name come with money?”


Pregnant pause. “Does she shoot?”

“Yes, and hunts, cleans and eats what she kills.”

“Why on earth would you even get to know….what would one call her, a redneck?”

“She’s not a redneck, she’s a realist. Refreshing compared to some of our idealistic cousins.”

“Son, our whole family is white collar.”

“She’s studying law just like I am.”

“It doesn’t sound like she thinks like us.”

“So you’ll accept a non-Jew only if she shares your political beliefs?”

“I’m sure your father will see it that way.”

“Please Mom, what you are not saying?”

“The problem is her background. We will not tolerate an NRA supporter in this house. I strongly suggest you tell her you are Jewish and use that as an excuse to stop seeing her.” Click!



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