Sue Spitulnik

Flash Fiction and personal thoughts



The Pine

In the spring I sit

Leaning against the pine

To smell the earth come back to life

To watch the chipmunks scamper

In the summer I sit

Leaning against the pine

To admire the trillium that grow beneath

To catch a glimpse of wildlife prancing

In the fall I sit

Leaning against the pine

Wearing a yellow vest, shotgun in hand

To harvest some venison for food on the table

In the winter I sit

Leaning against the pine

Enjoying the snow-covered stillness

Knowing another year has passed

And another is promised

Spending time with

My sturdy towering friend

Remembering Alone

I wake way too early

Age defies long sleeps

Morning light glows over the small frozen pond

Trees and weeds glistening

I see from my room

Memories of thick ice

I long for my youth

When healthy muscles gladly shoveled away

Creating smooth patches

Enticing skate blades

Swishing among others

Speed, spills and laughter

Hearing happy sounds that no longer exist

Alone to remember

Silent tears falling

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