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Healthy Green Leaves

So what is your opinion of Spinach? I happen to like it, in a salad, cooked with a little butter and vinegar on it, or when it is used in a dip. Thinking of artichoke-spinach dip I’m willing to bet that when someone came up with that idea the consumption of both vegetables increased. Humans are funny, they won’t eat something on its own, but when stirred into a dip with lots of salt it becomes desirable, especially when it’s hot and bubbly. Makes me smile just thinking about it. Continue reading “Healthy Green Leaves”

Healthy In and Out

This is the first ever National Avocado Day. I’ll share what the National Day of Calendar tells us so you can get an idea of how one of these national days is “born”.

Model Meals founded National Avocado Day at the peak of California avocado season, on July 31. Model Meals is a meal delivery service established in 2015 by Camille May and professional curve model Danika Brysha. The company works with local organic growers and farmers to create whole food-focused menus, encouraging sustainable agriculture and healthy eating. Whole30 approved, gluten-free and Paleo-friendly, a huge part of the Model Meals lifestyle is avocados, whether that’s in a dish or to have on the go. Danika and Camille famously carry “purse avocados” for a midday dose of healthy fat and vitamins. Model Meals is even gearing up to launch a service specifically for avocado delivery called AvocaGO. Obviously passionate about this superfood, Model Meals wanted to celebrate it to the fullest, and the idea to create its own holiday was born. Continue reading “Healthy In and Out”

We Eat That on Purpose

Do you like moldy cheese?  Not the kind that isn’t supposed to be discolored, but that beautiful blue color we look for on purpose to add to the Italian dressing on a tossed salad; you know, that costs anywhere from seventy-five cents to almost two dollars extra in a restaurant.  My husband and I do.  We also go to the public market to get a good deal on five-year old extra sharp cheddar cheese.  Yum.  My kids call it “stinky feet” cheese!

One advantage when you like moldy blue cheese comes when you are at a large party at a convention center or other large party place. It’s usually the cheese on the big cheese and cracker tray that is chosen least, so you can get your fill without a fight.  The only problem is it sometimes leaves a sour lingering aftertaste in your mouth.  The solution to that is another glass of good wine.  After all, it is a party.

I’m an old-fashioned wife, I still get up every work day morning with my husband and make his lunch while he showers.  It is always a salad; we buy those ingredients at the public market too.  The topping changes each day.  It could be tuna, beef, salami, left over Chinese, herring, salmon, chicken, whatever protein I can come up with.  The dressing is most often a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.  The cheese is alternated, Blue one day, and sharp cheddar the next.  He’s not a fussy man, and will eat most anything, that’s a blessing.  The only time I hear a complaint is when I forget the moldy cheese, or the onions!

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