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Take That Time Off

Project: TimeOff has uncovered an alarming trend over the last 40 years: Americans are taking fewer and fewer vacation days. To reverse this trend, we aim to prove that vacation travel is valuable and necessary for strengthening personal relationships, inspiring creative thinking, improving professional performance, and promoting better health. [courtesy-National Day of Calendar] Continue reading “Take That Time Off”

National Junk Food Day

Junk Food probably means something different to everyone, depending on your own routine diet.  In my “puddle” it means chips, dips, candy, and even ice cream.  You know all those things we know we shouldn’t eat, yet enjoy so much.

When my children were young and we were on vacation, especially when staying a few days in a hotel, we would designate one evening, junk food night.  My son was probably about ten, so my daughter would have been eight.  We would go to the store and they could pick out anything they wanted.  Twizzlers, Cheetos, M&M’s, and Coke were the usual first choices.  Sometimes a bag of cookies, but I made those at home, from scratch, so store bought ones weren’t really a go to item.

We would spend the night in the room, snacking, watching TV, playing cards, and laughing.  About 10:00 pm one of them would say, “Ahh, I don’t feel so good.  Maybe we shouldn’t do this on our next vacation.”  But the next year would come, and we would do it again.

One year we made smores in our room.  We got all the ingredients, and some candles.  We cooked the marshmallows over the candles which worked fine, but almost set off the smoke alarms.  I didn’t think about that ahead of time.  My kids thought it would have been fun if they did go off.

I’m sad that today, parents and children alike have their noses glued to their “devices” and barely talk when they are in a hotel room.  They will never make the memories I have with my children.

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