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It’s National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. According to the National Day of Calendar, vanilla ice cream is sold more than chocolate. I’ll have to think about that. It seems when we go for ice cream, there are more chocolate cones in view than vanilla, especially when it is soft ice cream, or custard. But if you think about the fact that pie à la mode usually uses vanilla and sundaes are often made with vanilla, then I guess the calendar information must be right. Really, what difference does it make in the long run. Continue reading

National Creamsicle Day

I hope you have had a creamsicle as least once in your life.  If not, I urge you to give one a try.  I know, when it’s hot out and you want ice cream on a stick, a chocolate fudgesicle or fruit flavored popsicle probably come to mind first.  A creamsicle has an inner vanilla layer completely surrounded by an orange sherbet layer.  In my opinion they are more creamy than the other options.

When I was young, icies and slurpies were only treats to get at a carnival, not the local convenience store.  We did have squeezies which were small cups of sherbet that you ate by squeezing it out of the cupcake paper type cup.  They didn’t last long, and invariably the last  bit dripped onto your shirt when you tried to “drink” what had melted.

We have a local fast-food diner that sells creamsicle twist soft-serve ice cream in the summer. I visit my father’s grave on his birthday every August and on the way home I have a creamsicle cone.  My father loved ice cream and so do I.

A refreshing dessert when you want to serve a group is a refrigerator poke cake.  (You can Google that name for directions.)  I think I’ll make an orange one for our next family gathering.

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