I wonder if everyone has had the pleasure of laying in a hammock.  On TV they make it look so inviting in the advertisements, especially with a cold drink in hand, under a shady palm tree without an apparent care in the world.  Maybe it’s the cold drink that takes the cares away!

We had a hammock on our side porch when I was in grade school.  It didn’t look like the flat ones of today.  It looked like an accordian and was made of very heavy canvas.  You pulled apart the folds and sat in the middle.  Sometimes your butt hit the floor is you flopped into with too much force.  Then you held the far side out and lay down.  It wasn’t really comfortable for a little kid, because it tended to fold back around you.  It was more fun if there were at least two of us in it, and another to push it with all their might.  When it stopped moving we would thrust our arms into the air, pretending we were butterflies emerging from a cacoon.  We didn’t have a lot of cares or responsibilities at that age.

This summer I am keeping  my grandson company on Thursdays, I look out the window and see a hammock.  I never have been much of a sun person, and it doesn’t even tempt me considering the hot temperature.  Besides, I sure wold hate to try to sit on it and end up flipped over onto the ground.