I’m one of those; a senior citizen.  Sitting here looking at the provided picture the most noticeable attribute is grey/white hair.  When I was young I wanted grey hair; who knows why. Now I am collecting social security, I still want grey hair, mostly so when I comment about the aches and pains of being older, people believe I am.  The fun part is I can usually fool one of those age guessers at a carnival or win a bet in a bar (about my age).  I have even been accused of lying about coloring my hair.  And now people are going blue, purple or green instead of blond.  I don’t think I’ll ever  jump on that band wagon.

Age is relative.  My husband and I eat out quite a lot.  One evening last week we were in a restaurant out of town for dinner and looking around realized we were the oldest people in the place.  That’s odd because when we go to  breakfast in our own neighborhood, we are usually the youngest and make comments about all the blue-hairs.  Then my grandchildren come to visit and they make comments about their teachers being old.  It makes me smile.

I have a wonderful friend that is 91.  I like to have lunch with her and chat away the afternoon.  She is a quilter also, so that is always part of the discussion.  Then she tells me stories about who is “dating” who in her assisted living facility.  She doesn’t mince words; she’s earned the right to not have to.  I look up to her as my elder, someone I can bounce my opinions off and get good advice from.  It’s nice to have a “Mom” figure in my life.

This day was originally mandated to be a day to recognize the contributions to society made by those that have come before.  We owe a lot to those people.  Think of all the inventions, the leadership and tutelage that have come from your elders and give them credit.  Then get on Facebook and think of Mark Zuckerberg.  Now he’s just a kid to me, but again, age, when you think about the contribution one has made, is all relative!