If you look at the National Day of Calendar for today it will let you know you should not be at work, you should be at a party. It is National Chili Dog Day, National Scotch Day, National Refreshment Day, National Crème Brulee Day, and National New Jersey Day, hence the party should be on the Jersey shore.  Wouldn’t that be fun, to have the time and money to drop everything and head to the Atlantic Ocean because a calendar gives you the idea to do so. I’ve got the time, who has the money?

Way back when I was in grade school we studied the food pyramid. I don’t remember the order, but it was the amount of meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and starches one should eat to be healthy. I bring that up because I never understood adding one protein on top of another as you do when you make a chili dog. Now that doesn’t mean I didn’t like them, in fact, I still eat them, I just didn’t get the combination. I guess some foods are to please the taste buds, and to heck with the nutrition balance. Now I’m wondering how that didn’t make me question a meal of pasta, with crème brulee for dessert, seeing as how that is all digested as sugar. At my age, it’s probably time to admit it’s because I like sugar too much.

National Refreshment Day says it’s a day to celebrate summer with a cold one, meaning beer. I don’t know about where you live, but in western New York state craft beer establishments are popping up on every corner and in lots of fields too. I’m afraid in this area I’m old-fashioned, I want my beer to taste like beer, not berries, coffee or oranges. The young people like them and I guess it’s a good living if your beer flavor takes off, so it’s a good thing. And then there is scotch: my husband recently discovered one that costs $30.00 a shot in a fancy restaurant. He said it tasted like it was worth it. I wouldn’t know.

My question for the calendar people is why this day falls on a Thursday instead of a weekend. Saturday we will be at our family reunion and I’m sure any and all of the food and drink mentioned here will be consumed to some degree. I’ll let you guess which thing gets consumed the most. I’ll make sure I prepare enough onions for the chili dogs.